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Every time one faces major decisions in one’s life there is a logical and clear process to determine their benefit to you and to make them work properly.
This is one process for making that decision using eight basic powers within yourself.
Whatever the decision, it is quite simple, just follow the steps below in order, and the decision which is correct for you will manifest itself.
Your decision maybe to join WNA. So here are the steps to work it out...
[Based on Brahma Kumaris teacher Blue Mountains]
Eight Powers
Before you can change your life, she said, first you have to -

1.   Give up the thought patterns holding you down.

The process -
a) Recognise the -ve and +ve thoughts that you have in relation to the decision. If necessary write them down.
b) Be prepared to change those thought patterns that are harming you or your ability to make a decision to more beneficial ones. Write down the thoughts that are confusing you in relation to the decision.
c) Put closure on the confused or blocking thought patterns through letting go of them by whatever processes are necessary. One process is through balanced appraisal of your thoughts looking at them objectively to determine their truth. A balanced approach does not reject negativity but sees clearly the truth that it tells in an objective manner. Nor does it accept all positivity, but determines its truth in an objective manner and only accepts the positive that is true and balanced. Objectively write down why the thought pattern is confusing you. Reassess objectively all your thoughts both positive and negative to the decision. Writing down as an observer the truth to your thoughts or reasons in as balanced and fair manner as possible.
d) Make a definite decision to leave behind those patterns that you now have clearly reasoned that are inhibiting you and a commitment to keep to that let go. Write down those patterns and why they are confusing or harming you.
e) Start again with ONLY those thought patterns balanced between positive and negative. Write them down.
f) And so travel light into the future.
She continued saying it all stemmed from our Mind.
We could become Master of our mind or its Slave.
One led to Freedom and the other to being our own worst enemy.
She went further into helping us recognise these negative and positive thought patterns that had to be discarded as over-weight baggage -
1)     Thoughts that were bringing about the following patterns were:-
Positive                                            Negative
Stillness                                            Persecutor
Calmness                                          Anger
Quietness                                          Lose self respect
2) Conditioning, she said, arose from the following cycle -
1. thoughts,
2. words,
3. actions,
4. habits,
and then became part of our character. Therefore it was vital how we used this cycle for creating positivity or negativity. And by taking control of this cycle we could reach a balance between negative and positive that clearly reveals the truth to us. And clearly allows us to see patterns that are harming us.
Wasteful thoughts lead to worry, anger, resentment and depression. Lack of self esteem and an inability to love or appreciate others.
Her main point was we do not need to wallow in these harmful thought patterns, and we have to take strong affirmative action to pack them up.
You have now packed your bags in a balanced manner with only what you need.

2. Power to Tolerate

Allowing space, then to empathise with others even in the face of disagreement.
1. Tolerate
2. Flex
3. React intelligently
You have discussed your trip with your boss.


3. Power to Accommodate

Adjust to others views.
Let in their opinions.
You have listened to others on where to travel.

4. Power to Discriminate

See the uniqueness
Determine what is right and wrong and unknown for you.
You have worked out your draft itinerary.

5. Power to Face

Fear of not wanting to rock the boat.
Power to face - when to confront - respond intelligently.
  • Breathe into it.
  • Feel fear.
  • Recognise the danger and prepare for it.
  • Step into it.
You have finalised your itinerary and asked the boss for leave.


6. Power to Co-operate

Work together - always achieves more than alone.
You have found your travelling companion.


7. Power to Judge  

The decision
Not judgmental.
Compassion / wisdom
courage to act, to not procrastinate
You have now purchased your ticket to travel.

8. Power to Withdraw

Connect supreme soul, spread love, thru silence.
Step back.
You are flying high to your dream destination.
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